About Us

If there is one thing certain in today’s world, it is that no one can stop computer hacking on a large scale.

In fact, hacking is only gaining momentum as they are finding ways to automate the process. Both government and private sectors are at a loss as to what can be done on a grand scale. It is becoming clear that this battle must be fought on an individual level.

The OFFGRID Cyber Program

While it may seem the only way to avoid being a victim is to cut the cords and move your business off grid (and into a mountain hideaway) we all know this is not a solution. The OFFGRID Cyber Program, developed and launched by Alabama Insurance Market, gives you a real solution.

OFFGRID brings together AIM’s decades of commercial insurance experience with the nation’s leading cyber insurance companies. Working on your behalf both before and after a hack, we provide you with true peace of mind that comes from having a world class cyber insurance program.

We begin with a review of your current situation and develop a risk assessment for your business. Then we make recommendations based off certain risk mitigation tools and processes. Finally, we implement a rock-solid cyber insurance package.

OFFGRID will help you understand and protect your private and client data and make you whole again should a hack eventually happen.

We are all fighting against the hackers of the world. Don’t retreat off grid, be proactive, with OFFGRID.

What are you waiting for?